Established:  1986

Address: 108 N. Main Street

Plentywood, MT  59254-1816

Phone: 406-765-1733

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  Ship your Packages Here!!  

The Greeter Package Counter

108 N. Main Street - 110 N. Main Street

Plentywood, MT 59254-1816 • 406-765-1733


With our Package Receiving Services you can have your items shipped to us by UPS, FED-EX, United States Postal Service, or any other carrier service for you to pick up at your convenience -- you don't even need a mailbox with us!

This can be especially handy for our Canadian customers when a company refuses to ship to Canada, when it's just too expensive to do so or to get your package sooner.

A service for those going on vacation or out of town

     for an extended period of time.

Not wanting their package left outside and unprotected!

It's simple! There are no contracts to sign, and no one to alert. All you have to do is have your package shipped to our store (110 N. Main St., Plentywood, MT 59254) with your name on it. There is no need to call us in advance, when we receive your shipment, we will store it in our receiving area.

For packages coming in from a normal carrier we charge

US Mail envelopes etc. - varies - call for additional information.

$4.00 per package, for less than 40#

$8.00 per package for 40# plus or

         more than 108” (H+W+D)

$8.00 per package for unboxed items

$10.00 for Tires less than 70#

$15.00 for Tires 70# & over

Package(s) need to be

      picked up within 28 days.

$5 per day or $20 per week thereafter.

Packages left unclaimed after 180 days

become the property of The Greeter

unless prior arrangements have been made.

3 Easy Steps

Ship to Your Name but Our Address

    Your Name

    110 N. Main St. #CA

    Plentywood, MT 59254

Track your package online

Pickup you package when ready!!

(please pickup within 28 days)



Pickup Hours

Monday - Friday

10AM - 5PM


10AM - 2PM

(additional times by request)


- by appointment only